Today in History on March 26

March 26, 1668 in history: Bombay - India transferred to England

March 26, 1804 in history: Orleans territoy organized in La Purchase

March 26, 1827 in history: Composer Ludwig van Beethoven dies in Vienna

March 26, 1845 in history: Patent awarded for adhesive medicated plaster - precusor of bandaid

March 26, 1878 in history: Hastings College of Law founded

March 26, 1885 in history: Eastman Film Company manufactured 1st coml motion picture film

March 26, 1892 in history: Poet Walt Whitman dies in Camden NJ

March 26, 1937 in history: Spinach growers of Crystal City - Tx - erect statue of Popeye

March 26, 1951 in history: USAF flag approved

March 26, 1953 in history: Dr Jonas Salk announces new vaccine against polio

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