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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Parceling'

Parceling Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    parceling n : the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan; "the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives is based on the relative population of each state" [syn: allotment, apportionment, apportioning, allocation, parcelling, assignation]
Parceling Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Parcel \Par"cel\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Parceledor Parcelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Parceling or Parcelling.]
  1. To divide and distribute by parts or portions; -- often with out or into. ``Their woes are parceled, mine are general.'' --Shak. These ghostly kings would parcel out my power. --Dryden. The broad woodland parceled into farms. --Tennyson.
  2. To add a parcel or item to; to itemize. [R.] That mine own servant should Parcel the sum of my disgraces by Addition of his envy. --Shak.
  3. To make up into a parcel; as, to parcel a customer's purchases; the machine parcels yarn, wool, etc. To parcel a rope (Naut.), to wind strips of tarred canvas tightly arround it. --Totten. To parcel a seam (Naut.), to cover it with a strip of tarred canvas.
Parceling Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Parceling \Par"cel*ing\, n. [Written also parcelling.]
  1. The act of dividing and distributing in portions or parts.
  2. (Naut.) Long, narrow slips of canvas daubed with tar and wound about a rope like a bandage, before it is served; used, also, in mousing on the stayes, etc.
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