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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Warm'

Warm Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    warm adj
  1. having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat; "a warm body"; "a warm room"; "a warm climate"; "a warm coat" [ant: cool]
  2. psychologically warm; friendly and responsive; "a warm greeting"; "a warm personality"; "warm support" [ant: cool]
  3. (color) inducing the impression of warmth; used especially of reds and oranges and yellows; "warm reds and yellows and orange" [ant: cool]
  4. having or displaying warmth or affection; "affectionate children"; "caring parents"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace" [syn: affectionate, caring, fond, lovesome, tender]
  5. freshly made or left; "a warm trail"; "the scent is warm" [syn: strong]
  6. easily aroused or excited; "a quick temper"; "a warm temper" [syn: quick]
  7. characterized by strong enthusiasm; "ardent revolutionaries"; "warm support" [syn: ardent]
  8. characterized by liveliness or excitement or disagreement; "a warm debate"
  9. uncomfortable because of possible danger or trouble; "made things warm for the bookies"
  10. of a seeker; near to the object sought; "you're getting warm"; "hot on the trail" [syn: hot] adv : in a warm manner; "warmly dressed"; "warm-clad skiers" [syn: warmly] v
  11. get warm or warmer; "The soup warmed slowly on the stove" [syn: warm up]
  12. make warm or warmer; "The blanket will warm you"
Warm Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Warm \Warm\, a. [Compar. Warmer; superl. Warmest.] [AS. wearm; akin to OS., OFries., D., & G. warm, Icel. varmr, Sw. & Dan. varm, Goth. warmjan to warm; probably akin to Lith. virti to cook, boil; or perhaps to Skr. gharma heat, OL. formus warm. ???, ???.]
  1. Having heat in a moderate degree; not cold as, warm milk. ``Whose blood is warm within.'' --Shak. Warm and still is the summer night. --Longfellow. 220 catflap.bishopston.net dictd 1.11.2/rf on FreeBSD 8.1-STABLE <172383.68543.1291606150@catflap.bishopston.net>
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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Warm'

  • Eugenius Warming: Warm. | Warming, Eugen. Early life and family life: Warming was born on the small Wadden Sea island of Mandø as the only child of Jens ...
  • Warm: Warm or WARM can refer to: A somewhat high temperature . WARM (AM), a radio station (590 AM) licensed to Scranton, Pennsylvania, United ...
  • Warm front: A warm front is defined as the leading edge of an advancing mass of warm air; it separates warm air from the colder air ahead ...
  • Warm Records: Warm Electronic Recordings is an independent record label based in Athens, Georgia . Azure Ray , Japancakes , and Crooked Fingers are some ...
  • WARM (AM): WARM (590 AM ) is a radio station licensed to the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania . The station is also known as "The True Oldies Station ...
  • WARM-FM: WARM-FM is an American adult contemporary radio station based in York, Pennsylvania broadcasting at 103.3 MHz FM . It is owned and ...
  • Warm dark matter: Warm dark matter (WDM) is a hypothesized form of dark matter that has properties intermediate between those of hot dark matter and cold ...
  • Warm (album): Warm is the third studio album by vocalist Johnny Mathis . Overview: Lavishly produced and lushly orchestrated, it is a classic example of the ...

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* Nursing Home Orderly You can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up. Now, you will go to sleep or I will put you to sleep. Check out the name tag. You're in my world now, grandma. - Happy Gilmore

* A woodland in full color is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart. - Hal Borland

* The salary of the chief executive of the large corporations is not an award for achievement. It is frequently in the nature of a warm gesture by the individual to himself. - John Kenneth Galbraith

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Warm Sample Sentences in News

  • Warm weather returns to the UK in September
    Temperatures are set to reach up to 26C (78.8F) in the south and west but some parts will see heavy showers After a disappointingly cool and wet August, warm weather coming north from the Mediterranean is set to send temperatures rocketing over the coming week. Forecasters predict sunshine will bathe large parts of the UK over the next few days, with temperatures Read more on this news related to 'Warm'
  • Timely boost for the skifields
    After warm weather and record-setting sunshine hours for Queenstown last month, snow fell again at the resort's skifields yesterday. read more Read more on this news related to 'Warm'
  • UK temperatures set to soar
    After a disappointingly cool and wet August, warm weather coming northwards from the Mediterranean is set to send temperatures rocketing over the coming week. Read more on this news related to 'Warm'

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