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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Sorest'

Sorest Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Sore \Sore\, a. [Compar. Sorer; superl. Sorest.] [OE. sor, sar, AS. s[=a]r; akin to D. zeer, OS. & OHG. s?r, G. sehr very, Icel. s[=a]rr, Sw. s[*a]r, Goth. sair pain. Cf. Sorry.]
  1. Tender to the touch; susceptible of pain from pressure; inflamed; painful; -- said of the body or its parts; as, a sore hand.
  2. Fig.: Sensitive; tender; easily pained, grieved, or vexed; very susceptible of irritation. Malice and hatred are very fretting and vexatious, and apt to make our minds sore and uneasy. --Tillotson.
  3. Severe; afflictive; distressing; as, a sore disease; sore evil or calamity. --Shak.
  4. Criminal; wrong; evil. [Obs.] --Shak. Sore throat (Med.), inflammation of the throat and tonsils; pharyngitis. See Cynanche. Malignant, Ulcerated or Putrid, sore throat. See Angina, and under Putrid.
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