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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Sonorous'

Sonorous Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    sonorous adj : full and loud and deep; "heavy sounds"; "a herald chosen for his sonorous voice" [syn: heavy]
Sonorous Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Sonorous \So*no"rous\, a. [L. sonorus, fr. sonor, -oris, a sound, akin to sonus a sound. See Sound.]
  1. Giving sound when struck; resonant; as, sonorous metals.
  2. Loud-sounding; giving a clear or loud sound; as, a sonorous voice.
  3. Yielding sound; characterized by sound; vocal; sonant; as, the vowels are sonorous.
  4. Impressive in sound; high-sounding. The Italian opera, amidst all the meanness and familiarty of the thoughts, has something beautiful and sonorous in the expression. --Addison. There is nothing of the artificial Johnsonian balance in his style. It is as often marked by a pregnant brevity as by a sonorous amplitude. --E. Everett.
  5. (Med.) Sonant; vibrant; hence, of sounds produced in a cavity, deep-toned; as, sonorous rhonchi. Sonorous figures (Physics), figures formed by the vibrations of a substance capable of emitting a musical tone, as when the bow of a violin is drawn along the edge of a piece of glass or metal on which sand is strewed, and the sand arranges itself in figures according to the musical tone. Called also acoustic figures. Sonorous tumor (Med.), a tumor which emits a clear, resonant sound on percussion. -- So*no"rous*ly, adv. -- So*no"rous*ness, n.
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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Sonorous'

A sonority hierarchy or sonority scale is a ranking of speech sounds (or phones) by amplitude. For example, if you say the vowel . Sonority hierarchies are especially important when analyzing syllable structure; rules about what segments may appear in onsets or codas together, such as SSP, are formulated in terms of the difference of their sonority values. Some languages also have assimilation rules based on sonority hierarchy, for example, the Finnish potential mood (e.g. -tne- → -nne-).

Sonority hierarchies vary somewhat in which sounds are grouped together. The one below is fairly typical:

In English, the sonority scale, from lowest to highest, is the following:


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