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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Ridge'

Ridge Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    ridge n
  1. a long narrow natural elevation or striation
  2. any long raised strip
  3. a long narrow range of hills
  4. any long raised border or margin of a bone or tooth or membrane
  5. a beam laid along the ridge of a roof; provides attachment for upper end of rafters [syn: ridgepole, rooftree] v
  6. extend in ridges; "The land ridges towards the South"
  7. plough alternate strips by throwing the furrow onto an unploughed strip
  8. throw soil toward (a crop row) from both sides; "He ridged his corn"
  9. spade into alternate ridges and troughs; "ridge the soil"
  10. form into a ridge
Ridge Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Ridge \Ridge\, n. [OE. rigge the back, AS. hrycg; akin to D. rug, G. r["U]cken, OHG. rucki, hrukki, Icel. hryggr, Sw. rugg, Dan. ryg. [root]16.]
  1. The back, or top of the back; a crest. --Hudibras.
  2. A range of hills or mountains, or the upper part of such a range; any extended elevation between valleys. ``The frozen ridges of the Alps.'' --Shak. Part rise crystal wall, or ridge direct. --Milton.
  3. A raised line or strip, as of ground thrown up by a plow or left between furrows or ditches, or as on the surface of metal, cloth, or bone, etc.
  4. (Arch.) The intersection of two surface forming a salient angle, especially the angle at the top between the opposite slopes or sides of a roof or a vault.
  5. (Fort.) The highest portion of the glacis proceeding from the salient angle of the covered way. --Stocqueler.
Ridge Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Ridge \Ridge\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ridged; p. pr. & vb. n. Ridging.]
  1. To form a ridge of; to furnish with a ridge or ridges; to make into a ridge or ridges. Bristles ranged like those that ridge the back Of chafed wild boars. --Milton.
  2. To form into ridges with the plow, as land.
  3. To wrinkle. ``With a forehead ridged.'' --Cowper.

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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Ridge'

  • Ridge: A ridge is a geological feature that features a chain of mountains or hills that are of a continuous elevated crest for some distance. ...
  • Ridge (meteorology): A ridge is an elongated region of relatively high atmospheric pressure , the opposite of a trough . See also : Geopotential height ...
  • Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians: The Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians, also called the Ridge and Valley Province or the Valley and Ridge Appalachians, are a physiographic ...
  • Ridge Forrester: Ridge Forrester, Sr. is a fictional character from the original CBS daytime soap opera , The Bold and the Beautiful . The role is ...
  • Mid-ocean ridge: A mid-ocean ridge (MOR) is general term for an underwater mountain system that consists of various mountain ranges (chains), typically ...
  • Wrinkle-ridge: A wrinkle ridge is a type of feature commonly found on lunar maria . These features are low, sinuous ridge s formed on the mare surface ...
  • Ridge Road (Western New York): Ridge Road is a 121.5 | mi | 1 | sing on east–west road that traverses four counties in Upstate New York in the United States. ...
  • Major Ridge: Major Ridge, The Ridge (and sometimes Pathkiller II) (c.1771 – June 22, 1839) (also known as Nunnehidihi, and later Ganundalegi) was a ...
  • Crowley's Ridge: Crowley's Ridge (also Crowleys Ridge) is an unusual geological formation that rises 250 to 550 | ft | m above the alluvial plain of the ...
  • Ridge lift: Ridge lift (or 'slope lift') is created when a wind strikes an obstacle, usually a mountain ridge or cliff, that is large and steep enough ...

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Meaning of the Name 'Ridge'

  • Meaning: From the ridge
  • Origin: English
  • Gender: Male

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