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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Projection'

Projection Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    projection n
  1. a prediction made by extrapolating from past observations
  2. the projection of an image from a film onto a screen
  3. a planned undertaking [syn: project]
  4. any structure that branches out from a central support
  5. any solid convex shape that juts out from something
  6. (psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your own traits and emotions are attributed to someone else
  7. the acoustic phenomenon that gives sound a penetrating quality; "our ukuleles have been designed to have superior sound and projection"; "a prime ingredient of public speaking is projection of the voice" [syn: acoustic projection, sound projection]
  8. the representation of a figure or solid on a plane as it would look from a particular direction
  9. the act of projecting out from something [syn: protrusion, jut, jutting]
  10. the act of expelling or projecting or ejecting [syn: expulsion, ejection, forcing out]
Projection Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Orthographic \Or`tho*graph"ic\, Orthographical \Or`tho*graph"ic*al\, a. [Cf. F. orthographique, L. orthographus, Gr. ?.]
  1. Of or pertaining to orthography, or right spelling; also, correct in spelling; as, orthographical rules; the letter was orthographic.
  2. (Geom.) Of or pertaining to right lines or angles. Orthographic or Orthogonal, projection, that projection which is made by drawing lines, from every point to be projected, perpendicular to the plane of projection. Such a projection of the sphere represents its circles as seen in perspective by an eye supposed to be placed at an infinite distance, the plane of projection passing through the center of the sphere perpendicularly to the line of sight.
Projection Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Projection \Pro*jec"tion\, n. [L. projectio: cf. F. projection.]
  1. The act of throwing or shooting forward.
  2. A jutting out; also, a part jutting out, as of a building; an extension beyond something else.
  3. The act of scheming or planning; also, that which is planned; contrivance; design; plan. --Davenant.
  4. (Persp.) The representation of something; delineation; plan; especially, the representation of any object on a

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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Projection'

  • Projection: Projection, projector, or projective may refer to: The display of an image by devices such as: Movie projector Video projector ...
  • Map projection: A map projection is any method of representing the surface of a sphere or other three-dimensional body on a plane . Map projections are ...
  • Projection (linear algebra): In linear algebra and functional analysis , a projection is a linear transformation P from a vector space to itself such that P 2 P. It ...
  • Psychological projection: Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies his or her own ...
  • Projection (mathematics): In mathematics , a projection is any one of several different types of functions, mappings, operations, or transformations, for example, ...
  • 3D projection: 3D projection is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. use of this type of projection is widespread, ...
  • Rear-projection television: Rear projection television or RPTV is a type of large-screen television display technology. abbr on | lk on) used rear projection technology. ...
  • Graphical projection: Graphical projection is a protocol by which an image of an three-dimensional object is projected onto a planar surface without the aid of ...

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