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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Like'

Like Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    like adj
  1. resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination; "suits of like design"; "a limited circle of like minds"; "members of the cat family have like dispositions"; "as like as two peas in a pod"; "doglike devotion"; "a dreamlike quality" [syn: similar] [ant: unlike]
  2. equal in amount or value; "like amounts"; "equivalent amounts"; "the same amount"; "gave one six blows and the other a like number"; "an equal number"; "the same number" [syn: equal, equivalent, same] [ant: unlike]
  3. having the same or similar characteristics; "all politicians are alike"; "they looked utterly alike"; "friends are generaly alike in background and taste" [syn: alike(p), similar] [ant: unalike]
  4. conforming in every respect; "boxes with corresponding dimensions"; "the like period of the preceding year" [syn: comparable, corresponding] v
  5. prefer or wish to do something; "Do you care to try this dish?"; "Would you like to come along to the movies?" [syn: wish, care]
  6. find enjoyable or agreeable; "I like jogging"; "She likes to read Russian novels" [ant: dislike]
  7. be fond of; "I like my nephews"
  8. feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard; "How did you like the President's speech last night?"
  9. want to have; "I'd like a beer now!"
Like Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Like \Like\ (l[imac]k), a. [Compar. Liker (l[imac]k"[~e]r); superl. Likest.] [OE. lik, ilik, gelic, AS. gel[=i]c, fr. pref. ge- + l[=i]c body, and orig. meaning, having the same body, shape, or appearance, and hence, like; akin to OS. gil[=i]k, D. gelijk, G. gleich, OHG. gil[=i]h, Icel. l[=i]kr, gl[=i]kr, Dan. lig, Sw. lik, Goth. galeiks, OS. lik body, D. lijk, G. leiche, Icel. l[=i]k, Sw. lik, Goth. leik. The English adverbial ending-ly is from the same adjective. Cf.

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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Like'

In the English language, the word like has a very flexible range of uses, ranging from conventional to non-standard. It can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, particle, conjunction, hedge, interjection, and quotative.

Like is one of the words in the English language that can introduce a simile (a stylistic device comparing two dissimilar ideas) as in, "He plays like Okocha". It can also be used in non-simile comparisons such as, "He has a toy like hers".

Like is often used in place of the subordinating conjunction as, or as if. Examples:

Many people became aware of the two options in 1954, when a famous ad campaign for Winston cigarettes introduced the slogan "Winston tastes good — like a cigarette should." The slogan was criticized for its usage by prescriptivists, the "as" or "as if" construction being considered more proper. Winston countered with another ad, featuring a woman with greying hair in a bun who insists that ought to be "Winston tastes good as a cigarette should" and is shouted down by happy cigarette smokers asking "What do you want — good grammar or good taste?"

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* Communism, like any other revealed religion, is largely made up of prophecies. - H.L. Mencken

* In the United States, doing good has come to be, like patriotism, a favorite device of persons with something to sell. - H.L. Mencken

* Men are the only animals that devote themselves, day in and day out, to making one another unhappy. It is an art like any other. Its virtuosi are called altruists. - H.L. Mencken

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  • Police shoot and kill “wolf like” dog
    A “wolf like” dog that residents say had been “terrorizing the neighborhood” was shot and killed by police after it attacked at least two other dogs. Resident Richard Liput called 911 after the “wolf like” dog and another large dog attacked his Lhasa Apso, Gizmo, in the 1500 block of Flemming Road. “He had multiple bite wounds on him,” Liput said o Read more on this news related to 'Like'
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    Like Southwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines from last week, Spirit Airlines has decided it's time for a new paint job for its airplanes. Read more on this news related to 'Like'

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