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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Geat'

Geat Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Gate \Gate\ (g[=a]t), n. [OE. [yogh]et, [yogh]eat, giat, gate, door, AS. geat, gat, gate, door; akin to OS., D., & Icel. gat opening, hole, and perh. to E. gate a way, gait, and get, v. Cf. Gate a way, 3d Get.]
  1. A large door or passageway in the wall of a city, of an inclosed field or place, or of a grand edifice, etc.; also, the movable structure of timber, metal, etc., by which the passage can be closed.
  2. An opening for passage in any inclosing wall, fence, or barrier; or the suspended framework which closes or opens a passage. Also, figuratively, a means or way of entrance or of exit. Knowest thou the way to Dover? Both stile and gate, horse way and footpath. --Shak. Opening a gate for a long war. --Knolles.
  3. A door, valve, or other device, for stopping the passage of water through a dam, lock, pipe, etc.
  4. (Script.) The places which command the entrances or access; hence, place of vantage; power; might. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it. --Matt. xvi. 18.
  5. In a lock tumbler, the opening for the stump of the bolt to pass through or into.
  6. (Founding) (a) The channel or opening through which metal is poured into the mold; the ingate. (b) The waste piece of metal cast in the opening; a sprue or sullage piece. [Written also geat and git.] Gate chamber, a recess in the side wall of a canal lock, which receives the opened gate. Gate channel. See Gate, 5. Gate hook, the hook-formed piece of a gate hinge. Gate money, entrance money for admission to an inclosure. Gate tender, one in charge of a gate, as at a railroad crossing. Gate valva, a stop valve for a pipe, having a sliding gate which affords a straight passageway when open. Gate vein (Anat.), the portal vein. To break gates (Eng. Univ.), to enter a college inclosure after the hour to which a student has been restricted. To stand in the gate, or gates, to occupy places or advantage, power, or defense.
Geat Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Geat \Geat\, n. [See Gate a door.] (Founding) The channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mold in casting. [Written also git, gate.]
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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Geat'

Geats (Old English Geatas, ) were a North Germanic tribe inhabiting what is now Götaland ("land of the Geats") in modern Sweden. The name of the Geats also lives on in the Swedish provinces of Västergötland and Östergötland, the Western and Eastern lands of the Geats, and in many other toponyms.

The earliest mention of the Geats may appear in Ptolemy (2nd century A.D.), where they are referred to as Goutai. In the 6th century, they were referred to as Gautigoths and Ostrogoths (the Ostrogoths of Scandza) by Jordanes and as Gautoi by Procopius. In the Norse Sagas they are referred to as Gautar, and in Beowulf and Widsith as Gēatas. Geats should not be confused with the Thracian Getae.

Beowulf and the Norse sagas name several Geatish kings, but only Hygelac finds confirmation in Liber Monstrorum where he is referred to as Rex Getarum and in a copy of Historiae Francorum where he is called Rege Gotorum. These sources concern a raid into Frisia, ca 516, which is also described in Beowulf. Some decades after the events related in this epic, Jordanes described the Geats as a nation which was "bold, and quick to engage in war".

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