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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Finite'

Finite Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    finite adj
  1. bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent [ant: infinite]
  2. of verbs; relating to forms of the verb that are limited in time by a tense and (usually) show agreement with number and person [ant: infinite]
Finite Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Finite \Fi"nite\, a. [L. finitus, p. p. of finire. See Finish, and cf. Fine, a.] Having a limit; limited in quantity, degree, or capacity; bounded; -- opposed to infinite; as, finite number; finite existence; a finite being; a finite mind; finite duration.
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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Finite'

  • Finite: Finite is the opposite of infinite . It may refer to: Finite set , having a number of elements given by some natural number. Finite verb , ...
  • Finite set: In mathematics , a finite set is a set that has a finite number of elements . For example,:\ 2,4,6,8,10\\,\! is a finite set with five ...
  • Finite group: In mathematics and abstract algebra , a finite group is a group whose underlying set G has finite ly many elements. theory of finite ...
  • Finite element method: The finite element method (FEM) (its practical application often known as finite element analysis (FEA) is a numerical technique for ...
  • Finite field: In abstract algebra , a finite field or Galois field (so named in honor of Évariste Galois ) is a field that contains only finitely many ...
  • Finitely generated module: In mathematics , a finitely generated module is a module that has a finite generating set. image of a free module on finitely many generators. ...
  • Finite verb: A finite verb is a verb that is inflected for person and for tense according to the rules and categories of the languages in which it ...
  • Finite geometry: A finite geometry is any geometric system that has only a finite number of points .Euclidean geometry , for example, is not finite, ...

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* I believe that every human has a finite number of heart-beats. I don't intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises. - Neil Armstrong

* How can finite grasp infinity - John Dryden

* How is it possible to find meaning in a finite world, given my waist and shirt size - Woody Allen

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Finite Sample Sentences in News

  • Strategist warns of 'finite recovery' in US growth
    Investors should not expect much more than two more years of "above-trend growth" in the U.S. economy, Citi's Steven Wieting tells CNBC. Read more on this news related to 'Finite'
  • Energy And The Economy – Twelve Basic Principles
    Submitted by Gail Tverberg via Our Finite World blog , There is a standard view of energy and the economy that can briefly be summarized as follows: Economic growth can continue forever; we will learn to use less energy supplies; energy prices will rise; and the world will adapt. My view of how energy and the economy fit together is very different. It is based on Read more on this news related to 'Finite'
  • Washington Post Off Base In Critiquing Pharma Efforts In Ebola
    The problem is that R&D funds are finite and everything can?t be a top priority. The pharmaceutical industry needs to make a profit in order to reinvest continually in new programs. Thus, the focus will always be on programs where there are high returns-on-investment. Read more on this news related to 'Finite'

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