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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'FAct'

Fact Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    fact n
  1. a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred; "first you must collect all the facts of the case"
  2. a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened; "he supported his argument with an impressive array of facts"
  3. an event known to have happened or something known to have existed; "your fears have no basis in fact"; "how much of the story is fact and how much fiction is hard to tell"
  4. a concept whose truth can be proved; "scientific hypotheses are not facts"
Fact Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Fact \Fact\, n. [L. factum, fr. facere to make or do. Cf. Feat, Affair, Benefit, Defect, Fashion, and -fy.]
  1. A doing, making, or preparing. [Obs.] A project for the fact and vending Of a new kind of fucus, paint for ladies. --B. Jonson.
  2. An effect produced or achieved; anything done or that comes to pass; an act; an event; a circumstance. What might instigate him to this devilish fact, I am not able to conjecture. --Evelyn. He who most excels in fact of arms. --Milton.
  3. Reality; actuality; truth; as, he, in fact, excelled all the rest; the fact is, he was beaten.
  4. The assertion or statement of a thing done or existing; sometimes, even when false, improperly put, by a transfer of meaning, for the thing done, or supposed to be done; a thing supposed or asserted to be done; as, history abounds with false facts. I do not grant the fact. --De Foe. This reasoning is founded upon a fact which is not true. --Roger Long. Note: TheTerm fact has in jurisprudence peculiar uses in contrast with low; as, attorney at low, and attorney in fact; issue in low, and issue in fact. There is also a grand distinction between low and fact with reference to the province of the judge and that of the jury, the latter generally determining the fact, the former the low. --Burrill Bouvier. Accessary before, or after, the fact. See under Accessary. Matter of fact, an actual occurrence; a verity; used adjectively: of or pertaining to facts; prosaic; unimaginative; as, a matter-of-fact narration. Syn: Act; deed; performance; event; incident; occurrence;

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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'FAct'

  • Fact: The word fact can refer to verified information about past or present circumstances or events which are presented as objective reality. ...
  • Facts: Facts usually refers to the usage as a plural noun of fact , an incontrovertible truth. Facts may also refer to: who wrote a poem called "Facts" ...
  • FACT: FACT may refer to: Federation Against Copyright Theft Federation of American Consumers and Travelers FACT (biology) (facilitates chromatin ...
  • Question of fact: In law , a question of fact (also known as a point of fact) is a question which must be answered by reference to facts and evidence , and ...
  • FACT (United Kingdom magazine): FACT started out as a British bi-monthly music and youth culture magazine . It was founded in 2003. The magazine became notable for ...
  • Fact (band): (stylized as FACT) is a Japanese post-hardcore band which formed in 1999 in Chiba Prefecture , Japan. Their music makes use of common ...
  • Facticity: The Neo-Kantians contrasted facticity with ideality, as does Jürgen Habermas in Between Facts and Norms (Faktizität und Geltung). ...

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* The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated. - H.L. Mencken

* Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them. - H.L. Mencken

* The fact that astronomies change while the stars abide is a true analogy of every realm of human life and thought, religion not least of all. No existent theology can be a final formulation of spiritual truth. - Harry Emerson Fosdick

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