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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Epidermis'

Epidermis Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    epidermis n : the outer layer of the skin covering the exterior body surface of vertebrates [syn: cuticle]
Epidermis Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Periostracum \Per`i*os"tra*cum\, n.; pl. Periostraca. [NL., fr. Gr. ? around + ? shell of a testacean.] (Zo["o]l.) A chitinous membrane covering the exterior of many shells; -- called also epidermis.
Epidermis Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Epidermis \Ep`i*der"mis\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?; ? over + ? skin, fr. ? to skin. See Tear, v. t.]
  1. (Anat.) The outer, nonsensitive layer of the skin; cuticle; scarfskin. See Dermis.
  2. (Bot.) The outermost layer of the cells, which covers both surfaces of leaves, and also the surface of stems, when they are first formed. As stems grow old this layer is lost, and never replaced.
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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Epidermis'

  • Epidermis: Epidermis may refer to: Epidermis (botany), in plants, the outermost layer of cells covering the leaves and young parts of a plant ...
  • Epidermis (skin): The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin which together with the dermis forms the cutis . The epidermis is a stratified squamous ...
  • Epidermis (botany): The epidermis is a single-layered group of cells that covers plants' leaves , flowers , roots and stems . It forms a boundary between the ...
  • Epidermis (zoology): The Epidermis (zoology) is an epithelium (sheet of cells ) that covers the body of an eumetazoa n (animal more complex than a sponge ...
  • Leaf epidermis: REDIRECT epidermis (botany)
  • Reconstructed human epidermis: Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RHE) is human skin tissues obtained from an in-vitro process in which human keratinocyte s are cultured ...

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