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Dictionary Meaning and Definition on 'Absolute'

Absolute Meaning and Definition from WordNet (r) 2.0
    absolute adj
  1. perfect or complete or pure; "absolute loyalty"; "absolute silence"; "absolute truth"; "absolute alcohol" [ant: relative]
  2. complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers; "absolute freedom"; "an absolute dimwit"; "a downright lie"; "out-and-out mayhem"; "an out-and-out lie"; "a rank outsider"; "many right-down vices"; "got the job through sheer persistence"; "sheer stupidity" [syn: downright, out-and-out(a), rank(a), right-down, sheer(a)]
  3. not limited by law; "an absolute monarch"
  4. expressing finality with no implication of possible change; "an absolute (or unequivocal) quarantee to respect the nation's authority"; "inability to make a conclusive (or unequivocal) refusal" [syn: conclusive]
  5. without conditions or limitations; "a total ban" [syn: total, unconditioned]
  6. not capable of being violated or infringed; "infrangible human rights" [syn: infrangible, inviolable] n : something that is conceived to be absolute; something that does not depends on anything else and is beyond human control; "no mortal being can influence the absolute"
Absolute Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Absolute \Ab"so*lute\, n. (Geom.) In a plane, the two imaginary circular points at infinity; in space of three dimensions, the imaginary circle at infinity.
Absolute Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
    Absolute \Ab"so*lute\, a. [L. absolutus, p. p. of absolvere: cf. F. absolu. See Absolve.]
  1. Loosed from any limitation or condition; uncontrolled; unrestricted; unconditional; as, absolute authority, monarchy, sovereignty, an absolute promise or command; absolute power; an absolute monarch.
  2. Complete in itself; perfect; consummate; faultless; as, absolute perfection; absolute beauty. So absolute she seems, And in herself complete. --Milton.
  3. Viewed apart from modifying influences or without comparison with other objects; actual; real; -- opposed to relative and comparative; as, absolute motion;

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Wikipedia Meaning and Definition on 'Absolute'

  • Absolute: Absolute may refer to: Absolute value , a notion in mathematics, commonly a number's numerical value without regard to its sign ...
  • Absolute monarchy: Absolute monarchy is a monarchical form of government where the monarch exercises ultimate governing authority as head of state and ...
  • Absolute value: In mathematics , the absolute value (or modulus) | a | of a real number a is the numerical value of a without regard to its sign . ...
  • Absolute magnitude: In astronomy , absolute magnitude (also known as absolute visual magnitude when measured in the standard V photometric band) measures a ...
  • Absolute (philosophy): The Absolute is the concept of an unconditional reality which transcends limited, conditional, everyday existence. It is sometimes used ...
  • Absolute Radio: Absolute Radio is one of the UK's three Independent National Radio stations. The station rebranded to its current name at 7.45am on 29 ...
  • Absolute pitch: Absolute pitch (AP), widely referred to as perfect pitch, is the ability of a person to identify or re-create a given music al note without ...
  • Absolute time and space: In physics , the concept of absolute time and absolute space are hypothetical concepts closely tied to the thought of Isaac Newton ...
  • Absolute majority: An absolute majority or majority of the entire membership is a voting basis which usually requires that more than half of all the members ...

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* Real seriousness in regard to writing is one of two absolute necessities. The other, unfortunately, is talent. - Ernest Hemingway

* In its famous paradox, the equation of money and excrement, psychoanalysis becomes the first science to state what common sense and the poets have long known -- that the essence of money is in its absolute worthlessness. - Norman O. Brown

* Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority. - Thomas Huxley

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